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Spooky Night Fall 2021

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October 29th
4 to 10 pm
@ Cedars International Next Generation HS
Spooky Night at Cedars is a special game night where we pull out all the stops and redo the campus for a night of Fright and Fun!
Like other Game Nights we will have food and games but for Spooky night things get a little weird. We've designed everything to be Covid friendly allowing people to 
For one the whole campus is blacked out and only lit by colored lights, lasers and moving club lights. Thick spider webbing has been spun into walls and tunnels to guide you from space to space and behind every corner could be a ghoul or creep to scare you out of your costume!
The Cafeteria will be turned into a circus tent where Clowns runkiller klown EYE-Scream
 the I-Screamstand and our 4 Scare Chef will deliver creepy culinary delights. You might even recognize some of the people, I mean dishes on the menu. We'll have an eating competition midway through the night with a prize for the person who can manage to eat the next gruesome thing on the menu. I will say that the things on the degustation menu have more than 4 legs!
Speaking of things with more than 4 legs, spiders have taken over our Science lab and now it is covered in walls of web and creepy crawlies. Looking in, it might even look like a maze! One of the areas is so dense with webbing that you will have to feel your way through to spiderweb wallmake it out alive since no light makes it into that part of the web. That's right, completely blacked out. Did we mention you have to do this by yourself? It is easier for the spiders to crawl on you that way. If you can make it all the way through you'll get your reward and possibly much more! Now don't worry, your friends and others will be able to watch you go through the Spider maze with a night vision camera in the black out space and possibly even make the spiders go after you but, let's save some surprises.
The horror Movie hang out in the great room will use our giant screen to show ahorror hangout playlist of choice horror movies all night long. We'll be sectioning off the theater so it will be a place to settle in and get scared during each terrifying tale. 
The Scare-A-Cade will be in our media center with Dead by Daylight. We'll have a space for 4 survivors and then a separate area for the killer hooked up to one of our large TVs to show off how they are DBD killershunting each one of you. We'll also have some old school hits with Left4Dead2 multiplayer on Xbox 360. We'll also have Outlast, Alien Isolation and other scary video games in that same space.
We have a haunted room on our campus, and every year that room becomesseance room our seance room. This space is turned into a gypsy's tent with candles and everything you need to contact spirits. During the night we will also have our Ghost Story competition which has never failed to creep out those in attendance!
This will be one of the scariest experiences at Spooky Night. We'll be setting up 4 ghost hunters with VR gear to track and identify spirits in some of the most frightening locations in PHASMAPHOBIA.  We are utilizing our new UVC sanitation process for our VR gear so you don't have to be scared of Covid while being chased by ghosts.
ghost 1All through the night you'll have opportunities to meet two of the ghosts that haunt our campus. We have ghost hunting gear specifically for finding what these two particular ghosts have left behind. Using your ghost hunting gear and your wits you will unlock how to haunt the campus just like these ghosts and bring more screams to the night. 
Its going to be a terrifying night for everyone and if you want to secure your spot at Spooky Night you'll want to secure your spot early.
This night will sell out early.
Due to covid we have limited spots available.
Once those spots are gone we will close any further reservations.
Cost for Spooky Night is $20
HOWEVER!!! if you want to attend the October 8th game night and Spooky night you can pay for both at the same time and pay only $30 for both.
Students will have to turn in a guardian release form for game night or have one in file.  
Payment needs to go to Mr. Hammontree at CINGS and at this point we are only taking cash payments for this event.
We're looking for materials for decorations.
We may need something you're looking to get rid of!
Check our Donations page to see how you can help us scare up some fun! 
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