About Us

Cedars International Next Generation High School is a tuition-free Texas designated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math public charter school. As a State STEM Academy, our students graduate with 5 Science credits, 5 Math credits and at least 2 Engineering credits giving them a rigorous academic program that is matched to student readiness. Our curriculum is designed to be rigorous, challenging, and engaging that is delivered in a 100% Project Based Learning environment. In addition, our small teacher-to-student ratio allows us to focus on each child as an individual, ensuring a personalized learning experience.


Also, as an Advanced Reasoning In Education: Think Global PBL Demonstration Site and a New Tech Network School, our emphasis on academics and technology through project based learning provides diverse and dynamic learning experiences, including instruction in art, foreign language and culture, gardening, computers, physical education, and college classes offering dual credit. A variety of after school activities provides additional opportunities for social development and experiential learning in a fun and creative environment. Find out more and arrange a tour by contacting our front office or checking the following sites:

advancedreasoningined.com  newtechnetwork.org


Mission Statement

Cedars Academy Next Generation High School teachers and staff are committed to providing all students with rigorous learning and personalized relationships to ensure their success as responsible, globally-conscious citizens.


Vision Statement

The goal of Cedars Academy Next Generation High School Highland Campus is to prepare students to excel in an information-based and technologically- advanced society. We are committed to leading educational reform and our instructional program encourages students to learn through collaboration with peers, businesses, and the community. Students develop problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, and the resiliency they need to succeed in a rapidly changing and competitive world.