Dual Credit at Austin Community College

Students in the state of Texas have the opportunity to complete up to 12 dual credit courses through local community colleges and universities. Dual credit gives students the chance to earn high school credit and college simultaneously. This helps students get a preview of what college will be like, in a controlled and supportive environment, while also saving money by having fewer courses to complete when they go to college. 
Being located right across the street from Austin Community College's Highland campus, CINGHS students have a unique opportunity to have these dual credit courses built into their daily schedule so that they do not have to take them outside of school. Students who complete all 12 courses can graduate high school with up to 36 hours of college credit, for free! We will even pay for the textbooks!
For more information about our Dual Credit program including eligibility requirements, registration and enrollment steps, and student expectations, please see the Cedars Dual Credit Guidelines and Procedures.