Graduation Requirements

Cedars International Next Generation High School strives to maintain a competitive academic environment that ensures students meet the State of Texas Graduation requirements and are prepared to enter the next phase of their life. As a public school in Texas, students at CINGHS have the option of choosing one of the three graduation pathways outlined below:
As part of the graduation requirements, students may select one or more of the Endorsement plans. These plans help align a student's electives with their future goals and aspirations. An endorsement plan is a good way to show colleges, universities and employees that a student has a passion for that particular field and will also give the student a preview of the type of courses and subjects that will help get them there. These endorsement plans and their requirements are outlined below
Students who complete the requirements for the Foundational Graduation Plan and the requirements for at least one endorsement, including four credits in science and four credits in math with one of the math credits being Algebra 2, also receive a Distinguished Level of Achievement designation. 
The course sequencing at Cedars International Next Gen High School ensures that every student has the opportunity to earn this designation along with at least one endorsement by the end of their four years with us. Past graduates have finished with 30+ total credits and 2-3 endorsements!
Students may also earn one or more of the following performance acknowledgements by completing the associated requirements:
  • Dual Credit Acknowledgement
  • Bilingualism and Biliteracy Acknowledgement
  • College Board Advanced Placement Acknowledgement
  • College Readiness Acknowledgement
  • Business or Industry Certification 
Information about the requirements for these Performance Acknowledgements and all Graduation requirements can be found at this link: TEA Graduation Requirements