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Janice Trinidad, Ph.D. is a passionate project-based learning (PBL) facilitator who is committed to designing and facilitating outstanding PBL science and mathematics courses for high school students and to training other educators in implementing PBL.  She earned her doctorate in Physics and her secondary teaching certification from the University of Texas of Austin in 2007.  Dr. Trinidad served as a founding faculty member of Manor New Technology High from 2007 to 2016.  At Manor New Tech, she taught PBL courses for 10 years and created over one hundred PBL projects while teaching courses that integrated Physics with Algebra 2 and Engineering.  She has designed and implemented PBL training courses for other educators since 2009.  Since then, she has taught PBL best practices to thousands of teachers throughout the country and the world including Australia, China, and Kazakhstan. In 2016, she joined a very dynamic and experienced staff in founding Cedars International Next Generation High School (CINGHS).  At CINGHS, she has created and facilitated  PBL courses in Physics and Engineering, Algebra 2, 8th Grade Math, and Geometry.