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Sarah DiMaria currently teaches mathematics and has been implementing 100% project-based instruction for the duration of her teaching career. She obtained her undergraduate degree in mathematics and teaching certificate in secondary mathematics and science education from Michigan State University. She obtained her master's degree in Teaching and Curriculum in December 2017. She has participated and conducted educational research through Michigan State, Hope College, and The University of Texas at Austin. In 2019 She served on a panel of mathematics education experts to rewrite the NAEP Mathematics exam in Washington DC. She continues to improve her teaching expertise as a senior fellow of the Knowles Teacher Initiative and as a Stanford Hollyhock Teaching Fellows. She, along with many of the Cedars HS staff, also train teachers globally in PBL instruction as a member of Advanced Reasoning in Education's Think Global Academies. Ms. DiMaria is passionate about showing students that they ALL can learn rigorous mathematics.