Free Covid And Flu Vaccine Clinic December 15 At Cedars High School

From Mr. Ray, Dean of Student Services:
Tomorrow, at 11am, we will have Austin Public Health on campus administering COVID and flu vaccine shots for anyone who wants one. All family members are welcome to come by and receive a vaccine if you would like one.
If you would like your student to get a vaccine but can't make it yourself, there are forms in the front office that parents can fill out to give approval. The forms can also be found below.
If a patient is getting a COVID vaccine, they will fill out the Disaster ImmTrac2 Form. 
If they are getting the Flu, they will have to fill out the ImmTrac2 Adult or Minor consent form. 
If they are getting both COVID and Flu, they will have to fill out both ImmTrac2 Forms.
Minors will need to get their parent/guardian to sign for consent. If a child is missing a consent signature, our team will be unable to vaccinate.