Return to School Tomorrow, January 5, 2022

Dear Cedars Families,

Happy New Year! We hope you had an enjoyable winter break with family and friends. Students return to school tomorrow on Wednesday, January 5, 2022. Due to the current conditions and increase in positive COVID-19 cases, it is imperative that you read through the return to winter break section below. 


Returning from Winter Break:

We are asking for the support and cooperation from all families by following the campus COVID procedures below. We will reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and  keep the school open if we take the necessary precautions. 

  • Stay home if you or anyone in your household exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, contact medical personnel and get tested to confirm that it was COVID-19 or not.

  • If you are confirmed with COVID, stay home (Isolate) for 5 days. If you have no symptoms or symptoms are lessening and are fever free at the end of the 5 days, continue to wear a mask for an additional 5 days around others.

  • If you have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19 and are fully vaccinated, then wear a mask around others for 10 days and test at day 5, if possible

  • Make sure to accurately complete the Cedars COVID-19 health screener for everyone in the household BEFORE leaving the house. (Crowley Campus)

  • Stay home If you receive a YELLOW OR RED SCREEN after completing the health screener. Contact an Administrator as soon as possible. (Crowley Campus)

  • Parents are required to provide a mask for their child

  • Students will be required to wear a mask at all times during the school day except for breakfast and lunch. 

  • Students MUST bring a water bottle to school. Students will NOT be allowed to drink from the water fountains. 

  • Students will be required to wash/sanitize hands frequently.

  • Teachers and custodial staff will routinely disinfect commonly used areas/surfaces.


Answer the questions below:


QUESTION 1: Did you come in contact with anyone that was sick over the break?

Answer: If you answered yes, stay home for at least 5 days from the last day of exposure or confirmed positive test results. Contact medical personnel for advice and contact the office immediately if your child will be absent. 

Answer: If you answered no, proceed to question 2.


QUESTION 2: Is anyone in the household experiencing COVID symptoms?

Answer: If you answered yes, stay home for at least 5 days from the last day of exposure and wear a mask around others for an additional 5 days, if you stay symptom and fever free. Contact the office immediately.

Answer: If you answered no, proceed to Cedars Wednesday morning.


Michael G. Blalock